Perfect your part for production.

Uncompromising quality. Unrivaled precision.

     Micro Machining

  • 7+ Axis CNC Swiss-Type machines
  • Specialized measuring equipment
  • Proprietary cleaning and handling
  • Ultra-fast setup and lead times
  • In-house tool design and fabrication

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  • Expedited turnaround times
  • Production-grade materials
  • Produced on production-grade equipment
  • Cost and time efficient processes
  • Production-ready upon approval

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     Milling and Turning

  • Multiple operations on one machine
  • No time and cost consuming secondaries
  • Improved and refined accuracy
  • Strengthened quality and repeatability
  • Overall cost and production time reduction

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We're Experts

At Swissomation, we're proud to be a family-owned business offering over 70-years of experience. We know, first-hand, the importance of quality, precision, and efficiency and make every effort to exceed event the highest of expectations. Your needs are as unique as the part you're designing and with our wide array of service offerings, we can help you get the job done as quickly and stress-free as possible.


Our model of proven success has been appreciated by some of the largest manufacturers in the U.S. Key points of our process include the most important aspects of any machining facility:

Outstanding Customer Service

Faster Setup and Programming Times

Uncompromising and Exceptional Quality

Customized Processing and Assembly

7+ Axis CNC Swiss Milling and Turning

Proprietary Cleaning and Handling

Micro-Precision Machining and Setup

Redundant Inspection and Quality Control

We're Professionals

Quality isn't just a buzzword at Swissomation; it's a way of life in micro-precision machining. We cover all bases by investing in equipment, training and processes to do it the right way. Our ultra-precise system is powered by an array of instruments including Vision Systems, measuring microscopes, CMM's, comparators, profilometers, indicators, and many other high-precision devices.


Customers have come to know that our internal quality control and inspection system is serious business. Integrated directly into our manufacturing process, inspection and quality control is considered at every step and requires obsessive attention-to-detail. From planning, to managing, manufacturing, and administering, quality is the primary concern.


Confidence is key and is assured on every project. All of our processes meet or exceed regulated quality standards to ensure that the end product exceeds even the highest of expectations. We aim for flawless products and exceptional customer service. Our flexible team can provide lot tracking, material certification, process certification, and even SPC, when needed.

The best parts. The best price. Let's get to work.

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