Machining Steel

Steel is a very versatile material. It is extremely common in our daily lives because of this. When considering using steel for your CNC machined part, take note of what alloy you need to use. There are variances in corrosion resistance, hardness, machinability, heat resistance, etc. 

Steel Alloys we Machine:

12L14 – This alloy was made specifically for excellent machinability, making it the easiest to machine of the steel alloys. It is extremely common that products are made from this alloy.

1215 – This alloy was also made for great machinability, but is more formable and weldable than 12L14.

1018 – This alloy is not the best when it comes to machinability, but is very formable and weldable. 

4140 – This alloy is all around good for any of your general needs. 

4340 – 4340 is often preferred over 4140 in cases that need extra hardening. This hardening can be achieved by heat treating. 

8620 –Also being a general alloy, 8620 is particularly useful if you are interested in heat treating.

EDT-150 – This alloy contains mostly 12L14, but has additional properties. This makes it good for machining, as well as having other properties. This alloy is extremely strong, with a high strength to weight ratio. This means that you do not have to compromise on weight for strength. 

StressProof – This steel alloy is designed to provide parts that have good surface quality without additional heat treating, longer part life,  and corrosion resistance. Stressproof can provide all of this without compromising strength.

CRS – 

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