Never Settle, Never Compromise

The micro-machining industry requires an incredible level of attention to detail and procedures from ordering, to manufacturing, and all the way to shipping. Swissomation has over 70 years of experience in providing world-class levels of quality manufacturing to its customers. At every step of the way, we pay strict attention to the details of our work. From planning, managing and administering the job, to machining and finishing, our proven process is guaranteed to deliver a finished product that will exceed even the tightest of standards.

It Starts at Step One

We believe in designing quality and precision right into our manufacturing process from the very beginning. Our engineers assess your drawings and make sure that equipment is specifically selected to meet the needs of your part. With in-house tooling, we work diligently to optimize cycle times and quality output. Experienced Swissomation programming specialists work on CAD systems, side-by-side with machinists to setup customized equipment for every individual order. Material is carefully selected from only the best distributors to ensure that parts begin with optimal quality. In-house inspection of raw materials is done as it arrives, and with each fulfilled order, our customers receive a copy of material certification straight from the distributor.

A Process of Precision

Throughout the manufacturing process, we make consistent use of quality measurement tools to continuously monitor reliability and precision. Our skilled team of machinists are trained to make note of any irregularities during production and if an aberration occurs, the lot is immediately flagged for additional inspection.

As an ISO 9001-compliant organization, our commitment to production quality is evident in our proprietary and intricate inspection process that meets and exceeds even the most restrictive requirements. Our manufacturing process is designed to ensure that things are done right the first time. We’re able to consistently avoid time-consuming parts sorting and unnecessary inspections by maintaining a persistent practice of auditing during the machining and finishing processes.

Our team of experts makes use of the industry’s most cutting-edge equipment, from names like Brown and Sharpe, Vision Engineering and Keyence. Using a wide array of instruments like CMM’s to measure dimensional and wall thickness and profilometers to measure surface finishes, Swissomation quality experts can ensure that produced parts adhere to quality standards every step of the way.

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