Swissomation Terms and Conditions

Quotes are valid for 30 days, except as outlined below.

Delivery Dates:

Because our parts are custom made, all lead times are estimates and depend on variables such as the availability of raw materials, machines schedules, custom tooling and gauges, and outside processing. Swissomation estimates a delivery date on the day the part is quoted. Variables may change by the time a purchase order (PO) is placed. Swissomation will provide an updated delivery date estimate upon order confirmation.

As with all manufacturers, Swissomation is, on occasion, subject to severe weather, power outages, machine breakdowns, shipment delays, and other factors. If an issue occurs that may impact delivery date, we will inform the customer as soon as possible.

First Articles:

Quotes do not include first articles unless specified. Additional charges may apply for first articles and first article reports.

The purpose of first articles is to ensure that the parts meet the print specifications. First articles will be shipped “Next Day Air” on the customer’s account. Swissomation must receive a reply within 24 hours after receipt of parts. Swissomation will charge $250.00 per day to hold the machine beyond this timeframe to account for lost production and help preserve delivery dates on pending jobs. First article parts will be less heat treat and plating.

If the customer requires more time to evaluate the parts, prototype parts may be quoted and ordered separately.

Shipping Liability:

In keeping with industry standard, delivery of parts is at the customer’s cost and liability. Swissomation is not responsible for delays, damages, or losses caused by the carrier. It is the responsibility of the customer to notify Swissomation if they wish to purchase insurance on their deliveries. Otherwise, insurance will not be selected and the customer will be responsible for any damages or losses experienced on final delivery shipments. If Swissomation has contracted with outside suppliers for heat treating and plating of your parts, Swissomation will cover any shipping losses that occur to and from these suppliers.

Pricing Impacts:

In rare events, raw materials may experience sudden price changes that cause a significant impact on your part cost. If Swissomation advises of a price increase upon receipt of PO, the customer will have the option to cancel the PO. Precious metals used in plating may also experience price fluctuations that may impact your final price.

Part Finishing:

Parts purchased “Less Finish” and subject to rust must be preserved prior to shipment. In this case, Swissomation will treat the parts with a rust preventative, but the parts will require a long term finish after customer receipt of the parts. Swissomation is not responsible for rust beyond arrival at customer’s facility, unless we agree on and apply a longer-term finish. Rust preventatives only have a short protective span.

Blanket Orders:

Unless otherwise specified, orders requiring heat treating or plating will be shipped as one lot. Otherwise, additional lot charges may apply. All blanket orders must be released within one year of PO. Swissomation will ship and invoice for any parts remaining after one year.

Late Payments:

Swissomation strives to be a good supplier and strategic partner to our customers. We look at this as a two way street. We strive to supply the components our customers order on-time and with the utmost quality. To this end, we expect our customers to pay our invoices in the timeframe we have mutually agreed upon. Swissomation reserves the right to assess a late payment charge on all overdue invoices. The fee will be 1% per month, or whatever the max allowed by law.

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