Multitasking Matters

It’s simple math. The less that’s done to a part, the lower the cost to manufacture. Swissomation has perfected the art of pushing mills and lathes to the limits of their capabilities. When you get the most out of the machining phase of production, operations that would traditionally become necessary later on can be accomplished right on the lathe or mill. The expert team at Swissomation is skilled in optimizing the design of your part for manufacturability and cost savings. Never pay more than necessary.

Milling, Meet Turning

MillTurn Plus is a flagship service at Swissomation that customers have come to love. We understand machining on a level that allows our experts to identify intricacies in your parts where cost savings are critical. Designs that look great in CAD don’t always translate well to production, especially when considering the processes that are necessary to achieve a unique shape or finish. Swissomation can optimize your part’s design to allow for the shortest cycle time with the least handling, by completing both milling and turning on a single machine in one single operation. Our experts can help by eliminating secondary operations to enable lights-out manufacturing of your part. The end result is significantly reduced production costs.

Capabilities That Count

We’ve seen it all. Everyone’s come across that part design that seems impossible to manufacture; at Swissomation, we’re ready for any challenge. Our CNC lathes and mills are capable of micro-machining parts as small as .004″ in diameter up to 1.625″ in diameter, for any industry. 24/7/365, our machines are running parts made from aluminum, beryllium copper, brass, bronze, plastic, stainless steel, steel, and so much more. The Swiss-type CNC machines can mill, cross-drill, knurl, thread, crimp, and even more all right on the lathe. With tolerances as tight as +/- .0001, there’s often no need to perform secondary operations after machining is complete.

Swissomation operates over 100 of the most advanced machines, Fanuc 6-axis robots, Citizen, Tsugami, Meier, Hanwha, Willemin-Macodel, Fanuc, and Hurco CNC machines as well as the other support equipment. With equipment located in our own two facilities, our engineers have easy access to everything they need to get the job done as efficiently as possible. We can offer prototyping runs as small as 1 unit in quantity or market production runs that total into the millions of units.

We can't wait to work with you!


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