Brass 360 is a mixture of copper and zinc. This brass is the highest rated of copper alloys and is the standard for brass machining. it completes with a highly polished finish and corrosion resistance comparable to steel. Brass 360 is an ideal material, being the highest rated in machinability (100%) of all copper alloys. It is good for precision machining, but is not a material that is good for welding, because of the possible change in chemical properties at welding temperatures.

In addition to its great qualities for precision work, due to the density of Brass 360, it is also great for heavy industrial parts. 

Brass 360 has an annealing temperature of between 800° and 1600° Fahrenheit, while its recreational hot temperature is between 1300° and 1450° Fahrenheit. Brass 360 can be ductile when softened but is still a very strong material.    

Common machined uses of brass 360 are: screws, fittings, nuts, bolts, contacts, connectors, pins, and many plumbing applications. Its ultimate tensile strength is 58,000 psi, with a yield strength of 45,000 psi. It’s elongation is 25% and rockwell hardness is B78.

The raw material Brass 360 can be purchased in many forms including squares, rounds, rods, flats, tubes, and plates. 

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