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The Strength of Beryllium Copper and Its Usage in Electrical Connectors

During 26 years of business, Swissomation has seen just about every challenge you can imagine. We have worked extensively with companies to help bring their products to market. One of the materials that Swissomation is highly experienced in working with is Beryllium Copper. Beryllium copper is an alloy of copper and beryllium, which is highly conductive, corrosion-resistant, and strong. It is used in many industries, such as aerospace, defense, automotive, and electronics.

Beryllium copper is an ideal choice for manufacturing electrical connectors due to its excellent conductivity and high strength. Electrical connectors are used to join circuits and must be highly reliable to ensure the proper flow of electricity. Its strength allows it to resist deformation, even when subjected to high stress or repeated cycles of stress; these are reasons why it has become an ideal material for electrical connectors, for use in components such as switches, relays, and connectors.

Heat treating can also further enhance the strength of beryllium copper. The process may differ from the ones you’re accustomed to, as it doesn’t involve the typical high heat and rapid cool operation commonly associated with steel. Instead, it employs more of an intricate approach, utilizing mid temperatures and a time-based heat-treating process within an inert atmosphere. Ensuring optimal conditions while carefully manipulating the environment helps obtain the desired results. With its unique blend of temperature, time, and atmosphere, this controlled approach results in a superior end product. The ability to heat treat beryllium copper makes it a highly versatile material that can be customized for many applications, with the resilience and flexibility of a spring, paired with the strength of mild steel.

Beryllium copper is a valuable material due to its exceptional properties such as strength, electrical conductivity, and corrosion resistance. Swissomation offers beryllium copper machining right here in the USA. If you are looking for precision machined components, Swissomation is the perfect choice for you. We machine alloys M25, 173, 172, C-17300, & C-17200.

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