The Art of Micro Machining at Swissomation

In the world of manufacturing, crafting tiny parts with perfect precision is an adventure. It is a place where detailed engineering faces the challenge of tiny sizes, creating pieces so small but spot-on accurate. At Swissomation, we’re more than just passionate about this; it’s our calling, our craft, and is why our customers consistently return after placing their first order.

Micro Machining is a step beyond your everyday machining. At the core of what we do at Swissomation is something we call MicroPlus. It’s a blend of our time-tested knowledge and the latest in micromachining tech. The beauty? The less we handle a piece, the more affordable it becomes to produce, without sacrificing an ounce of accuracy. Micro Machining truly shines in areas where there’s no room for error. With equipment located in our own two facilities, our engineers have easy access to everything they need to get the job done as efficiently as possible. Micro Machining truly shines in areas where there’s no room for error. Whether it’s crafting minute channels for liquids known as microfluidics, or creating tiny parts for medical devices, the uses are vast and super crucial.

Here at Swissomation, we’re proud to house over 60 of the latest and greatest Swiss-type turning machines, proving our dedication to top-notch quality and precision. These machines work around the clock, producing parts as tiny as .004″ in diameter to those reaching 1.625″across, serving various industries. With tolerances as tight as +/- .0001, there’s often no need to perform secondary operations after machining is complete.

Our journey in Micro Machining is all about breaking new ground and welcoming the challenges that come with every new project. We thrive at the forefront of engineering where every tiny measurement matters, and precision is our specialty.

Looking for unmatched accuracy? Start your Micro Machining project with Swissomation. Our experienced team is eager to turn your intricate design dreams into tangible pieces.


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