What is Swiss CNC Machining?

Swiss CNC machining is a metal manufacturing technique used to create small, detailed components with tight tolerances. This method is renowned in the industry for its quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

Here’s everything you need to know about this Swiss machining: 

The Inception

In the 1800s, the growing demand for Swiss watches necessitated a manufacturing process that could quickly produce tiny, accurate and high-quality components that wouldn’t flex or wear. Evolving technology propelled the original design into the high-tech production method it is today. 

How Swiss CNC Machining Works 

Swiss machining is subtractive manufacturing— a bar of metal material is firmly held into place as it’s fed into the tooling area. It then rotates in a radial motion to accurately and precisely cut the necessary parts in the workpiece. 

You can learn more about the process in this video

Benefits of Swiss Machining 

Swiss machining has enabled the simplified production of delicate parts that require cuts that might not be possible in other production methods. Depending on the size and complexity of the design, this technique can produce upwards of 30 parts per hour, making it fast-paced and therefore cost-effective. 

This article can help you better understand the benefits and uses of Swiss machining. 

Swissomation’s Swiss CNC Machining Services

Swissomation has the technology, experience and services to exceed demand for even the most complex industries. We understand that micro-machining services require exceptional attention to detail, from the prototyping process all the way to distribution— that’s why we take every necessary step to ensure quality at every step. 

Our Citizen Cincom Swiss-type CNC turning center offers the most precise machining available, utilizing sliding headstock technology paired with a guide bushing to allow a supplementary point of material support which eliminates material vibration and harmonics. It’s ideal for manufacturing parts with 3:1 length-to-diameter ratios or those requiring numerous operations. All of our CNC Swiss machines have live milling capabilities, allowing complex parts to be manufactured complete. 

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