How the CNC Milling Process Works

CNC milling services enable precise, rapid production of detailed parts and components through a complex subtractive manufacturing technique. These parts have equipped every industry from electronics to aerospace with remarkable quality, tolerances and capabilities. 

A cutting tool is mounted on an axis that rotates and lowers in order to cut away from the block of material mounted firmly on the surface below. The multiple axes move in specific, independent motions to create complex shapes and designs. 

Here’s how the process works: 

Step 1: Computer-Aided Design (CAD) 

During the computer-aided design (CAD) step, engineers carefully create a virtual blueprint of the required part. The 2D or 3D design is optimized for the manufacturing process, taking into account the intricate specificities of the workpiece, such as thickness, depth of cavities and scale. 

Step 2: Conversion to CNC Program 

Once the engineers have created the computer-generated part and optimized it for production, the design is then moved to the CNC program by exporting it into a compatible file format. The design is converted into instructions for the machine using CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) software. 

Step 3: CNC Milling Machine Preparation

At this step in the process, the CNC machine operator preps the mill for manufacturing. They’ll clean the surfaces to ensure optimal production, load the necessary tools to produce the part, set the part and axes and then adjust the coolants or cutting oil. Once the machine is prepped, the automation begins. 

Step 4: Milling Execution

After all the necessary adjustments are made, the operator then initiates the machining program to begin production. The customized directions are executed according to the design specifications to produce the complex parts with tight tolerances. 

Swissomation’s CNC Milling Services

Swissomation has been in the micro-precision manufacturing industry for over 70 years— we understand the importance of quality, precision and efficiency through every stage of production. Our milling machines have the ability to hold multiple cutting tools, allowing for enhanced customization of intricate parts.

Learn more about our CNC milling services, or request a quote to tell us about your next project.  

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