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Precision in Production: The Role of Swiss CNC Machining in the Oil and Gas Industry

Swiss CNC Machining plays an important role in many industries… but for this piece, we are drilling into a particular industry that drives so much of today’s infrastructure. According to the Department of Energy, Oil, natural gas, and coal provide 80% of American energy and is responsible for more than 12 million jobs. When discussing what this type of precision machining can produce, there are many complex components for use in pipelines, drilling equipment, and other critical infrastructure that play a vital role within the oil and gas industry. The reality is, Swiss CNC Machining has the capabilities to produce the precision parts needed to keep the oil and gas industry running smoothly.

One of the significant benefits of Swiss CNC machining in oil and gas, is the ability to create parts with tight tolerances that can withstand high-pressure and high-temperature environments. At Swissomation, we take pride in our ability to comply with tolerances down to +/- .0001 and incorporate delicate details on even the smallest of parts. The machines also have the capability to produce complex geometries required for pipes and fittings that must maintain their structural integrity in extreme conditions. In addition, our CNC Swiss Machines have live milling capabilities, which allows us to manufacture those exact complex parts to the required specifications.

In addition to the production of new parts, Swiss CNC machining also plays a role in the maintenance/repair of oil and gas equipment. When critical components fail, it can be difficult and time consuming to replace. Swiss CNC machining can produce replacement parts quickly and accurately, minimizing downtime and reducing costs. By producing high-quality, precise components, Swiss CNC machining reduces risks of equipment failure. From drilling rigs to pipelines, Swiss CNC machining aids in keeping the oil and gas industry running smoothly and safely by producing precise and complex components.

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